About Sisters in Solidarity (SIS)

Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) – Singapore

Transgender women have the right to live life on an equal footing with everyone else.

Transgender women also have the right to enter nightspots without being harrassed, and regardless of whether they have undergone sexual reassignment surgery.

Unfortunately, there has been a rising trend of transgender women being thrown out of nightspots in Singapore, in particular, those on Clarke Quay for no other reason than we are transgender. To add salt to injury, we are often falsely accused of being “unruly” and “improperly dressed”, and verbal abuse is also heaped on us as we leave the nightspots. Most of the time, the bouncers and guest relations hostesses also take advantage of the opportunity to humiliate us – appalling schoolroom behaviour that reenacts the playground bullying we endured, and young transgender kids are still enduring, in schools.

Discrimination against transgender women has to stop now.

As Founding Working Group member of the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network, I will investigate incidents of abuse against transgender women in Singapore and the region. If the incidents are proven to be true, we will pursue further action against the organisation involved.

If you support the right of transgender women to be treated with respect and dignity, be a fan of our Facebook group now.

Discrimination is evil. We need your support!

Yours Sincerely
Leona Lo (Ms)
Founding Working Group Member
Asia-Pacific Transgender Network

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