Thank you for 116 signatures on our online petition so far…

Published May 9, 2010 by sistersinsolidarity

We need much more than that! Spread the word about discrimination against transgenders in Singapore and help make Singapore a better place for fellow FRIENDS & SISTERS.


Here are some comments from our supporters so far…

Adrian Lai : Customers are always RIGHT, esp they are paying to keep your business running…

Eileena Lee : Transgender women are women too!

Eveline How: Treat all women, including transgender women, with respect!

Kris Lee : Do NOT discriminate!!

Mike Phang: These ladies have every right to have a good time at nightspots and clubs

Wong Heng: Business should not perpetuate discrimination

David Seah: Ignorance is the root of all hatred and discrimination

Nicholas Leow Bullies are cowards.

Val : It is a pity that even modern society such as Singapore, transgendered people must suffer the ignorance of those who are so “blessed” not to suffer the anguish of being born in a gender that does not belong to you

Fanny Ler: Discrimination against Transgender womamn should be STOP worldwide, not just in Singapore… Transgender Women are NOT men but are WOMEN… It is in the BRAIN not between the LEGS…

Michael Larcombe: We are all human beings and all deserve respect.

OH AI NI IRENE: We should not support businesses which have discriminatory practices. This is also an opportunity to look at the marginalized groups in our society and how they are being treated.

Roy Tan: The media should also play an active role in fostering acceptance and non-discrimination of transgender people in Singapore.

Deborah Francini: To those who discriminate and preach hate against sexual minorities, I do feel sorry for your ignorance and bigotry. You think we have a problem but you certainly have a bigger one. To the management of ChinaOne and other similar establishments that have utter disrespect for their fellow humankind, while you clearly have “no balls” to do the right thing, do not expect all your patrons to have “no balls” like you – pun very much intended!

Quek Ser Ming: Let’s be upfront and honest. If nightspot and club operators have issues with the transgender, put prominent signs, so as to avoid unnecessary awkwardness. Transgenders are fellow human beings and deserve respect as well. Not to be the subject of humiliation by your bouncers and ‘unwritten’ rules.


3 comments on “Thank you for 116 signatures on our online petition so far…

  • Transgender women are ladies too, not men as these ignorant and rude nightspots claim. I was so hurt when the door hostesses at Lunar called me “Sir” after they saw my IC. Their eyes when they looked at me was as if a freak was in front of them. They were totally insensitive and unfeeling, disallowing me in citing that it is management’s instructions that trans are not allowed. I asked why and they repeated it is management’s instruction. If that is so, their management certainly need an education.

  • Dear Christina,

    We will send our petition to Lunar when we get 1000 signatures.

    Again, we have point out that Lunar is one of the clubs along Clark Quay that has actively discriminated against transgender women but have yet to openly state their policy.

    Thank you for coming forth with your story and supporting SIS 🙂

  • Being in a modern society where most of the population are highly educated but its sad to hear all that discrimination of transgenders, transsexual and cross dressers still exists. Who are these people to discrimination them. Why deprive them the chance to integrate into the society and prevent or create barriers to gain better education, work and all the support they need. Have those people who discriminate thought of the consequences of preventing transgenders, transsexual and cross dressers to integrate into the society, can be very great in terms of social problems like drug abuse to numb themselves from the all the stress and humiliation they encountered from the society as a whole,suicide,turning into vice due to survival. All these social problems translate into taxpayers money being used to rectify the problems. And in terms of economic, even though they are the minority group of our society. Give them the same job opportunity and rights of a woman, they can contribute to increase the work productivity and contribute sustainable amount into our economic. And I personally know a few of them who are very successful in their area of work and family life.

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