Sisters in Solidarity – Press Conference 5 May 2010

Published May 5, 2010 by sistersinsolidarity

Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) held a press conference at Food#03, Rowell Road today at 2pm.

Ms. Leona Lo, founding working group member of the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network (ATPN)  and Principal Consultant of Talk Sense Biz Pte Ltd, addressed the media and explained the call for the press conference as well as the educational campaign initiated by Sisters in Solidarity (SIS).

We sisters presented the factual accounts of the recent incident of the discrimination against Marla Bendini, a transgender university undergraduate, artist and performer. Suzie Wong or Ming, as we affectionately know, provided the valuable and heartfelt support of a non-LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) friend on the panel and vouched for the discrimination and humiliation that Marla Bendini experienced on the 29th of April at ChinaOne, a club along Clark Quay. Tricia Leong, a trangender pioneer, was also present to share her experience with workplace discrimination and her journey towards transitioning.

Our Facebook group “End discrimination against Transgender women” has now a total of 724 fans and supporters Singapore and worldwide.

We also announced the Petition Signing on Saturday, 8 May 10 at Post Museum on Rowell Road. The public can pledge their support to end all forms of discrimination against transgender women from 2pm to 6pm. Once 1000 signatures have been obtained, the campaign organisers will send letters to discriminatory organisations and institutions.  Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) also unveiled the SIS logo which are now printed on SIS badges. The public can purchase the SIS badges designed by Marla Bendini  at $2 each to express their solidarity.

Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) will also launch its own social enterprise. Companies will soon be able to log on to to view a listing of professional services offered by transgender women, such as make-up and Ms Bendini’s pole-dancing performances. The listing will provide a platform for supportive employers to engage the services of and even recruit transgender women who may otherwise find it difficult to find employment by virtue of their gender identity.”

A separate listing for transgender women who choose to remain anonymous will be posted on  The first person to be featured is “Mdm Cyn” (pseudonym) who is a talented illustrator in her late 40s. We presented her illustrations during the press conference and will be printing them as postcards to raise funds for our social enterprise.

Marla Bendini also announced the opening reception for her upcoming exhibition “Conversations between father and son”, providing a heartfelt story behind the exhibition. The multimedia installation performance with paintings will be held at The Substation Gallery, venue kindly supported by The Substation. The opening reception starts on 13 May 10, 6.30pm with a performance by Marla Bendini at 7.30pm. The exhibition runs daily from 12pm-8.30pm til 22 May 10.

We also announced the SISter Carnival, which is a flea-market/carnival to showcase transgender women talents. It will be a fun filled event entirely run by transgender women. The carnival is open to the public and details will be announced soon.

In summary, the press conference was a success and we sisters here at SIS would like to thank the following for their help and contribution. We regret if we left you out but we love you anyways!

-Tien, Jennifer and friends @ Food#03 Post-Museum

– members of the press present

– Eileena Lee, Pelangi Pride Centre

– Suzie Wong (Ming) founder & instructor of Acro Polates

– Mdm Cyn and other sisters who is unable to attend the conference but with us in spirit

– Independent journalists and friends present

– Alex Au, who certainly wasn’t yawning, who made a point to highlight our preferred names and pronouns usage in writing



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